OpTic coach tests positive for COVID-19 at VALORANT Champions

They are allowed to compete from an isolated room.

COVID-19 is starting to have a serious impact on the teams at VALORANT Champions this year, with OpTic Gaming’s coach being the latest person to have been infected with the virus.

Chet “Chet” Singh tested positive for COVID “2-3 days ago,” the 25-year-old revealed on Twitter. He retweeted a Riot Games announcement that said if a participant at VALORANT Champions is infected but feels well enough, they are permitted to compete from an isolated room. Chet still hasn’t been “able to recover at all,” however.

The coach added that the organizers and 100 Thieves provided “stuff for me to get through this.” The rival team have also been battling with COVID-19 after arriving in Istanbul, Turkey. David “DDK” Kapadia revealed today that four of 100T’s players and coaches are sick, but “everyone is recovering quickly.”

In the Riot announcement, the organizer said that if an individual “returns a positive result for COVID-19, but feels well enough to compete and chooses to play… [they] will play the scheduled match on a LAN Network built in the isolation facilities.”

OpTic are beginning their tournament journey at VALORANT Champions today against BOOM Esports. They’re a part of Group B with ZETA DIVISION and Loud.

OpTic’s first game of the event will begin today at 10am CT.

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