Only two League stars still have double-digit KDAs at Worlds—and they play for the same team

Two lane partners are racking up the takedowns at Worlds.

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Following the quarterfinals of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship, just two players at the tournament have double-digit KDAs, and they play for the same team: T1s bot lane duo Gumayusi and Keria rank first and second, respectively, in the KDA department at the main event of Worlds.

Through T1s nine games at Worlds, Gumayusi leads all players at the tournament with a KDA of 18.5, while Keria sits right behind him with a mark of 12.7, according to League stats site Oracle’s Elixir

Gumayusis 18.5 KDA is the result of an unreal scoreline of 55/6/56 across nine combined games. Hes just three kills away from surpassing Gen.G mid laner Chovy for the most total kills among all players at the tournament.

Perhaps more impressively, Gumayusi has played three fewer games than Chovy and has averaged 6.1 kills per game, while Chovy has averaged only 4.8

As a support, Kerias high KDA has been largely the result of his accumulation of assists. The T1 support sits with a total of 107 assists through nine games, while his death count also hangs in the single digits at a mark of nine. Keria and Gumayusi are the only pros to have played in the quarterfinals with fewer than 10 total deaths at Worlds. 

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Beyond T1s bot lane duo, the players with the next-highest KDAs who are still competing at Worlds include some usual suspects such as Chovy, his teammate Peanut, and Edward Gaming AD carry Viper.

Top Esports mid lane Knight currently holds the third-highest KDA at the tournament with a mark of 8.4, but was eliminated from the event last week. 

Gumayusi, Keria, and T1 return to the Worlds stage on Oct. 29 against JDG. 

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