Only one VALORANT agent hasn’t been played at VCT LOCK//IN yet

Still plenty more matches to come.

Theres no love for the fan-favorite self-healing VALORANT duelist at VCT LOCK//IN yet, but weve still got a long way to go till the end of the tournament. 

Reyna, known as one of the most popular duelists in ranked, is yet to be picked by any team at VCT LOCK//IN. Even some of the most obscure picks in competitive play such as Yoru and Phoenix have been picked at least one time at the event, according to data collected by

The competitive meta has evolved drastically over the past few months with the massive nerfs to Chamber resulting in a plummeted pick rate. Chamber has been played a few times with an 8.33 percent pick rate, while fellow Sentinel Killjoy is the most picked agent at the event with a 66.67 percent play rate. 

The three lowest-played agents so far at the tournament consist of Yoru, Harbor, and Phoenix. The latter was picked once by Cloud9 player Zellsis on Pearl against Paper Rex in their opening match. Zellsis finished the match with an average combat score of 255 to defeat Paper Rex 13-4

Reyna is not known to be one of the more competitively viable agents in the game. She doesnt have abilities that help her teammates other than her Leer, which acts as a flash. But it can be destroyed, unlike other flashes in the game which have to be dodged to be avoided. 

Reynas Leer was changed on Patch 5.07 with a distance restriction removed, which allowed Reyna to blind enemies from any distance. But the total duration of the flash was reduced to compensate for the buff. 

VCT LOCK//IN is set to continue tomorrow with Giants taking on NRG while LOUD faces Karmine Corp. 

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