Only one of LoL’s original champions has been untouched by a visual update

One lonely champion.

In October 2023, League of Legends will be celebrating its 14th birthday. Since the game is more than a decade old by now, its no surprise the game has more than a dozen of outdated champions. While the large majority of the original 40 champions were lucky enough to get model and animation update, one champion continuously seems to be forgotten whenever Riot Games is handing out updates.

According to a post coming from the League subreddit, Jax is the only champion that has kept his original model and animations since his release in 2009. 

He is popular, hated, loved, memed, but still manages to press E on every Riot’s attempt to update his model, dodged it on the 2017 animation update, dodged again on the 2019 VFX update and he did it again this year, one League player noticed.

Although Jax received a mid-scope update in Patch 13.1, the update primarily focused on updating his gameplay and bringing back hybrid builds, leaving Jax sadly waving his lamp. 

In a recent dev diary, Riot Brightmoon and Meddler announced Riot will from now on work more on updating the champions with Teemo and Lee Sin being next in line for ASU updates. Unfortunately, theres been no talk about Jax getting any kind of update. 

So, if we take into consideration Jaxs recent mid-scope update and Riot plans for the future, its highly unlikely well see Grandmaster at Arms receiving animation and model update any time before 2024.

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