Only 30 perfect Alpha bracket pick’ems remain at VCT LOCK//IN

A long way to go still.

After more than 30,000 entries were submitted on, only 30 perfect VCT LOCK//IN tournament pick’ems remain at the tail end of the Alpha bracket portion of the event.

Only 0.1 percent of total pick’ems submissions have correctly guessed the result of the 13 matches that have taken place prior to the final Alpha bracket semifinal between DRX and Talon Esports, including LOUD’s dramatic victory over NRG earlier in the day.

Per the VLR leaderboard page, over half of the submissions come from North America, with 17 out of 30 perfect pick’ems submitted by U.S. or Canadian users, who all correctly guessed that the NA triumvirate of NRG, Cloud9, and EG would all be eliminated prior to the start of the Omega bracket.

However, the dream of an entirely perfect bracket may turn into a nightmare for the 30 remaining players. At the time of writing, DRX is facing off against against Talon to close out the Alpha bracket, and all 30 users have DRX selected to win. If Talon manages to pull off the upset and knock out the kings of Korea, then there would be zero perfect brackets remaining.

Even if DRX wins, correctly picking the entire Omega bracket is its own challenge for any player looking to accurately predict the entire tournament. The pick’ems game draws many comparisons to filling out March Madness brackets, and there has never been a recorded perfectly picked bracket in the multi-decade history of the yearly American college basketball tournament.

For those looking to try and pick perfectly in the Omega bracket, players still have until the start of the Omega bracket on Feb. 22 to modify their picks. The Omega bracket will begin with Liquid taking on Team Secret on Feb. 22 at 11am CT.

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