Only 2 pro major region League players, Knight and Ruler, have double-digit KDAs halfway through 2022 Summer Split

Stars from the LPL and LCK are setting the pace this summer.

This past weekend, the 2022 professional League of Legends season officially eclipsed the halfway point of the Summer Split. All four major regions are now in the latter half of their summer schedules, meaning that domestic playoff races, and by proxy, the race toward the World Championship, have entered full swing. And with the Summer Split halfway in the books, only two players stand at the forefront of the worldwide KDA race this split: Gen.G AD carry Ruler and Top Esports mid laner Knight. 

Ruler and Knight are the only two players across professional Leagues four major regions to have KDA marks over 10.0 this summer. Right now, Ruler posts a KDA of 10.8, while Knight sits with a number of 10.1, according to League stats site Oracles Elixir. Most impressively, the two players have the sample size to back up their stunning starts to the Summer Split. Each of them has participated in over 20 games so far this split. 

Both Gen.G and Top Esports sit atop the standings in their respective domestic leagues. Both teams currently hold match records of 9-1 and are considered practical locks to represent their regions at the World Championship later this year. 

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The next-highest KDA in the world apart from Ruler and Knight belongs to Team Liquid mid laner Bjergsen, who holds a mark of 9.7 through the first half of the LCS Summer Split, according to Oracles Elixir

The Spring Splits KDA champion, Fnatic ADC Upset, currently leads the LEC in KDA this summer with a mark of 6.5, but still has a long way to go if he wants to match the 16.5 KDA he put up in the spring. Upset has already died 11 times through nine games this summer, which is as many as he did across the entirety of the Spring Split. 

The LPL will continue its second round robin of the summer tomorrow, while the LCK, LEC, and LCS will return to action later this week. 

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