Only 2 League of Legends players have hit Platinum in Challenges this season

Most players are still stuck in Iron.

The new Challenges feature, which was introduced to League of Legends this month, offers a new way for players to progress through the game.

While some Challenges can be leveled up with ease, others are more challenging to complete. To prove how difficult this system has been, only two players in the world have reached the Platinum rank, according to Riot Games.

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Achieving a high rank in the system requires players to progress through Challenges. But as time passes, more and more players will reach higher tiers and they are limited in number, meaning players will eventually end up competing against each other to stay in the higher tiers.

Challenges are divided into five specific categoriesImagination, Expertise, Teamwork & Strategy, Veterancy, and Collection.

Progressing through these categories reflects the various playstyles of fans, such as game mode preferences, strategy, and versatility. When achieving high ranks in Challenges, players can display their rank on the loading screen and profile page by showing a crystal indicating their level of progression.

To track your progression, you can see the percentage of players on your server who have achieved the same rank as you on a Challenge by hovering over the frame. You can also see which players from your friendlist have completed it.

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