Only 2 champions remain in League’s dubious 1,000-day club after Zilean receives new Winterblessed skin

Finally, a new skin for all the Zilean mains out there.

New skins have been hard to come by for Zilean, one of League of Legends oldest champions. The champion has not received a new skin since 2019 when Sugar Rush Zilean was released alongside that years Snowdown Showdown in-game event. 

Today, though, Zilean was included in the announcement for Leagues newest upcoming skin line: Winterblessed. The skin line is winter-themed and focuses on mysticism and magic in a frigid setting. With his inclusion in the skin line, Zilean will be receiving his first skin in nearly three years, allowing him to leave one of Leagues most dishonorable clubs: the 1,000-day club. 

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The extremely self-explanatory 1,000-day club is reserved for champions that go 1,000 days without receiving a new skin. In total, Zilean went 1,063 days in between the release of Sugar Rush Zilean and the announcement of his Winterblessed skin. It is a pure and total coincidence that both skins are themed around the holiday season. 

The 1,000-day club is kept up-to-date via a spreadsheet created by a League fan named Raid Boss Morde.

Zilean, despite being released in 2009, only has six skins to his name (seven if you count the impending release of Winterblessed Zilean later this year). For reference, Sett and Sylas, who were released in 2020 and 2019, respectively, also have six skins apiece. 

With Zilean set to receive a new skin for the first time since 2019, hell officially be ushered out of the 1,000-day club. With Zilean leaving the club, only two champions remain members at this time: Udyr and Dr. Mundo. Both of those champions were recently reworked completely, so while there werent any new skins added to the game for them, both Mundo and Udyr had their entire catalog of existing skins updated to reflect their new models. 

The next-closest champion to the 1,000-day mark, according to the clubs official spreadsheet, is Nocturne. The Eternal Nightmare is 121 days away from hitting 1,000 days on the nose. If his skinless drought lasts until March 15, 2023, hell be inducted as the clubs newest member. 

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