One VALORANT weapon perfectly demonstrates the skill gap between ranks

If you want to elevate, you'll need to Operate.

It should go without saying that the primary weapons of VALORANT are so much more valuable when they’re in the hands of the highest-skilled players. When it comes to the Operator, the game’s primary sniper rifle, that is most certainly the case since the weapon finds more use and value as you climb the ranks.

The Operator’s ranking when it comes to kills per match compared to other weapons climbs as you get into higher and higher ranks, according to weapons usage stats from

Way down in Iron I, the Operator generates the 10th most number of kills per match, with only 2.2 registered kills per match during Episode Six, Act One of competitive. But as you look at the statistics for each rank, the Operator’s place begins to rise.

At Bronze I, the Operator produces the seventh most kills, with 3.2 kills per match, and continues to climb. The Operator is sixth in Silver I and Gold I with 3.7 kills, fifth in Platinum I and Diamond I, and third in Ascendant I and Immortal I with over four kills per game.

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Upon the jump to Radiant, the Operator is still listed as the third most used weapon (behind the Vandal and Phantom, of course), but the amount of kills it gets per match takes a huge jump up to 7.7, three more than the average in Immortal I.

These numbers shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, since the triumvirate of Vandal, Phantom, and Operator all see significantly more kills per game as the ranks increase. But while the Vandal and Phantom are the consistent number one and two respectively across all ranks, the Operator’s climb as ranks get higher is striking.

It’s unclear whether or not the Operator is being bought more at higher ranks or if it’s just being used more effectively. Still, if you’re seeking to reach the top of the ranked mountain, you should expect to see more Operators trying to bring you down.

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