One VALORANT pro’s wallet will take a beating if this weapon keeps working at VCT LOCK//IN

This could get pricey.

This bet made by Team Vitality player Twisten may be coming back to bite him at VCT LOCK//IN. 

Twisten said he would donate 25 ($27) to a charity following the conclusion of VCT LOCK//IN, but there was one condition: he would add another 25 for every kill made at the tournament with a Shorty. 

Unfortunately for Twisten, professional players have begun to use the Shorty to its full potential, compared to previous international events. According to data website Run it Back and published by Twitter user Captaincow,’ there have been 29 kills at VCT LOCK//IN with the Shorty, and were only one week into the tournament. So far, thats 725 Euros to charity. 

There isnt a massive increase in the Shortys usage, but the pros are much more clinical when they make the purchase. 

At VCT Champions last September, there was a kill per usage rate of 0.30. For comparison, there is a kill per usage rate of 1.16 at VCT LOCK//IN so far. This rate will change as the tournament continues to progress, however. 

DRX player BuZz leads the way with six shorty kills. His team have played nine maps at the tournament so far with three 2-1 victories. The Korean team managed to take down Cloud9, Talon Esports, and BBL Esports. 

Vitality are set to compete against Global Esports in their opening match on Feb. 23. 

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