One VALORANT player went from hardstuck Silver to Platinum thanks to an elite YouTube coach

Noob days are over.

If you started playing VALORANT without previous experience in other FPS titles, you likely know the feeling of being hardstuck at one rank. Thankfully, there are professional coaches across YouTube and Twitch who produce high-quality educational content for new players. One VALORANT player, in particular, recently said he left Silver hell for the first time and leveled up all the way to Platinum Two in just one Act thanks to the guides and advice of Woohoojin.

The player left a message on VALORANT‘s subreddit, thanking Woohoojin for all the advice that helped them to change their mentality toward the game and scrub some bad habits that kept them level-gated for so long. They also revealed what they learned and applied from Woohoojin so that other players can do it as well.

  1. Woohoojin’s gunfight “hygiene drills”: The coach promises the shooting tips in this guide are good enough for players to reach Gold in VALORANT.
  2. How to practice and sharpen your aim in VALORANT: This guide is useful for Gold players or above, according to Woohoojin. It basically teaches players how to train their muscle memory.
  3. Mastering the art of movement: In this series, Woohoojin teaches players how to properly move in VALORANT, introducing them to key concepts like strafing and counter-strafing.
  4. How to master every gun available in VALORANT: Woohoojin teaches the in-and-outs of every gun in VALORANT for players that want to significantly improve their shooting skills.
  5. Woohoojin’s coaching VODs: The coach records his reviews and uploads some of them so people can get advice on how to get better in VALORANT, according to the rank they’re currently in.

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The player who made it all the way from Silver to Platinum revealed that they tried “countless” guides and tips from other VALORANT coaches and said nothing but Woohoojin’s tips worked for them.

The player acknowledged, though, that they had to also do their part such as focusing on getting better, noticing the mistakes being committed in every game and working on them, paying attention to comms and relaying good information, and learning how to play specific agents.

Woohoojin does content VALORANT coaching on YouTube and can be found streaming on Twitch.

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