One VALORANT agent is a staple pick in higher ranks, but lower ranks are more hesitant

Don't be scared to pick this agent.

Jett has the highest pick rate of any agent in Platinum 2- Radiant in VALORANT, according to, while her usage dips the further down in ranks you go. She is also the second-most-picked agent in Plat 1 and Gold 3 and maintains her spot as the third-most-picked agent in Gold 2 – Silver 1.

Players seem to become comfortable with Jett around Gold 3 and are less reliant on other, more accessible choices. Jetts pick rate continuously climbs in higher ranks, and the agent has a 17.2 percent pick rate in Radiant.

There is a clear trend of Jetts pick rate increasing at higher levels, showing how more experienced players are more comfortable using the powerful Duelist. While her knives, smoke, and dash can be game changers in the right hands, it’s clear less experienced players are hesitant to select an agent that heavily relies on raw skill.

Jetts knives require players to hit their shots to be effective, which can be daunting for players still learning the ropes. Reyna takes the top spot in lower ranks, as her abilities are easier to use while still effective.

Jett is also an excellent choice for entry fragging and pushing into sites, a skill that takes time to learn. The responsibility of this role can also cause lower ranks to avoid the character, despite the clear benefits.

Dont feel bad if you avoid Jett at lower ranks, as the vast majority of players follow suit.

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