One VALORANT agent had a worryingly low pick rate at VCT LOCK//IN

Things are not looking good for the Duelist.

VALORANT‘s VCT LOCK//IN tournament ended on March 4, and its final stats are showing a glimpse of the current competitive meta, including one agent who barely featured at the tournament at all.

Among agents’ pick rates, Reyna‘s is particularly noticeable. She was the least-played agent in that tournament even after Yoru.

Reyna was only picked once in the whole tournament, according to, and she didn’t meet much success there. She was played by Indonesian team Rex Regum Qeon on Lotus, where the team lost 2-0.

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Reyna has been one of the least-picked agents in international tournaments since 2022, and it’s unlikely to change this season.

Things are even looking worse for her, as she’s got a lower pick rate than Yoru for the first time in at a major tournament, compared to both 2022’s Masters events and Champion Tour finals.

Still, this number is not surprising since the latest-released map Lotus doesn’t match well with her playstyle while Yoru, the other least-picked agent in the game, can hold his ground in it thanks to his flash. In addition, she remained untouched by the last couple of balance changes.

Fans have been joking about Reyna’s low pick rate in the tournament because she was one of the five agents featured in LOCK//IN’s official trailer despite her low popularity in competitive play.

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Still, Reyna is one of the game’s most-popular agents outside pro play. The duelist remains the queen of solo queue alongside Jett.

She’s one of the most-picked agents on VALORANT‘s ladder across all levels, according to Her win rate decreases the higher the level gets, but her pick rate remains in top-three all the way up to Radiant tier.

This is due to her skill set heavily favoring solo play. Her abilities allow her to snowball when getting kills, sustain to survive, and head to the next fight fully regenerated. Reyna is a one-woman army provided she’s in the right hands.

In a premade setup, however, her strengths have less value. Players will usually favor agents that feature more utility tools over her sustain and snowball abilities.

This is an issue she has over other Duelists agents, because most of them have more utility tools to provide, despite remaining carry agents.

She’s also more unforgiving to play as than Jett, as she is less flexible and has a smaller margin for error, which can explain why she can’t match the other Duelist’s astounding popularity in pro play.

Jett had a 60-percent pick rate in VCT LOCK//IN, smashing the numbers of all other Duelists. Reyna and Jett have roughly the same stats on the ladder, but Jett’s mobility and fast-paced playstyle make all the difference in pro play, according to those numbers.

Meanwhile, VALORANT‘s meta will be soon shaken up by the introduction of a new initiator agent called Gekko, who features very unique abilities that will help him and his team complete objectives. He’s planned to release on March, 7.

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