One unusual LoL champion has a ridiculous win rate in Challenger right now

And it's for a second patch in a row.

Challenger players in League of Legends are known for making the most out of champions in unusual positions, and in Patch 13.10, midlaners have been boasting a jaw-dropping win rate with Tryndamere.

The Barbarian King sits at the top of the standings in terms of win rate in Challenger with 58.82 percent at the time of writing, according to League stats site U.GG. It’s significantly more than the second-best midlaner when it comes to midlane, Pantheon, who has recorded 55.84 percent so far.

Patch 13.10 has brought tons of changes to League by tweaking a bunch of items and systems, while also introducing a few new ones. As a result, many new champions rose in terms of popularity and win rate, while some have dropped. Although it’s worth underlining Tryndamere has been sitting on the top of Challenger win rate for a second patch in a row.

In Patch 13.9, he reigned supreme with a 59.63 percent win rate. He didn’t climb to the top in Patch 13.8, where he had a “poor” 51.91 percent win rate, though, he held onto the number one spot in Patches 13.7 and 13.6, according to U.GG.

Tryndamere’s gameplay in the midlane is quite simple as well. With an aggressive kit and an ultimate which makes him immortal for a few seconds, Tryndamere players should try claiming some early kills with the help of their junglers. Once they’re ahead, the best thing they can do is dive behind the enemy lanes and trade their lanes for squishy opponents, which will always be a favorable trade.

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With high knowledge of the champion, and with proper mechanical skills, which is expected from Challenger players, it’s easily explainable why they find so much success with him.

On the other hand, a bunch of huge changes are coming to the game in Patch 13.11, which could once again shake up the meta.

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