One True King creates new PC building company, Starforge Systems

Shooting for the moon.

The personality-driven gaming organization One True King (OTK) is taking a dive into the PC marketplace by making its own PC building company called Starforge Systems.

The org, which is full of high-profile Twitch personalities like Asmongold, Mizkif, and Sodapoppin, is starting the business in collaboration with fellow content creator Moist Cr1TiKaL.

Todays announcement comes after the org said last week it was going to unveil an ambiguously titled Project Saturn today. The company enters an already competitive marketplace of brands that hold heavy marketing positions on Twitch, like NZXT and CyberPowerPC.

But if any new company could compete with them, it would be one that can leverage the abundance of the content creators that OTK has. Stargforge will leverage its connection with OTK to promote its brand. The company noted that OTKs content creators have 53 million followers and 267 million hours watched in 2021.

Starforge Systems will be purchasable on the company’s official website.

OTKs decision to start its own PC building company comes after it previously partnered with the now defunct brand Artesian Builds, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in April while still having more than $1 million in unfulfilled orders.

On his stream last month, Asmongold admitted to partnering with the brand, but he added that OTK didnt have any knowledge of the internal turmoil that led to Artesian closing its doors. 

We didnt know any of this shit, he said. This shit happened, and then we pulled out of the partnership.

Artesian was notable for having numerous partnerships with content creators. But its CEO, Noah Katz, has come under fire for reported mismanagement of the company through investigations done by Gamers Nexus.

Starforge will include some leadership that formerly worked for Artesian. It will be led by Nick Dankner as CEO, whose Linkedin experience suggests that he has been operating as the CEO of a stealth startup since March. His CTO will be Nate Blanchette, who has 10 years of experience in development.

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