One specific combo with Marvel Snap’s newest card will make players want to uninstall immediately

If this happens to you, you will kneel before Galactus out of sheer pain.

Marvel Snap’s newest card, Iron Lad, was released last night and is already making wavesin large part due to the fact it can copy the ability of the game’s most powerful characters.

This specific combination, shown off by Twitch streamer DeraJN, is especially heinous. When using Zabu to cut Iron Lad’s four-cost to three, and then getting very lucky, he was able to play Galactus on the third turn of the game.

The discourse surrounding Galactus is nothing new in Marvel Snap. The six-cost, two-power card will destroy both of the other locations in the game, so long as the one he’s played at is empty beforehand.

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And many players hate the card for making the rest of the game leading up to it somewhat moot, while many love it for the fun factor since the card is pretty simple enough to counter and easy to read when it’s coming.

But the ability, helped out by a massive amount of luck, to play Galactus as early as turn three is a sight to behold. Iron Lad only copies the ability of the card on the top of the deck, next to be pulled into the player’s hand, so it’s likely going to be a rarity. But on the occasion that it does happen, it’s hard to blame any player for uninstalling Marvel Snap off of their phone or PC.

Galactus is usually used on turns four or five to be effective, enabled by other cards like Wave or Electro, essentially making the opponent waste their deck on the other locations that will only be destroyed. It’s then followed up with cards like Death, Knull, or Spider-Man for maximum annoyance.

The one positive about getting Galactus’d on turn three is that it will waste way less of your time, so that’s nice at least. But that doesn’t make the bad luck RNG feel any better.

Iron Lad-Galactus is about to get even better next week, too, when Howard the Duck enters the game as Series Five’s newest card. That card will allow players to see exactly what the top card of their deck is, making Iron Lad way more reliable than he is right now.

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Marvel Snap’s Guardians Greatest Hits season is ongoing right now.

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