One player and one gun stood above the rest at VCT Game Changers

Now we'll see if Riot Games is watching.

Everybody put down the torches and pitchforks, as we finally have an answer. The heated debate that has been around since the dawn of VALORANT, might be at an end after the recent VALORANT Game Changers Event, and one player led the charge.

At Game Changers, pro VALORANT stars battled it out to see which team was mightiest. G2 Gozen won, but there are some stats people have only just started noticing.

The number of Vandals compared to Phantoms in pro VALORANT games has changed, according to the recent event. There now seems to be a clear favorite, running out in front.

The only thing that could stop this now is nerfs from Riot Games.

Another aspect fans are noticing was the impact of the Australian Bob Bob Tran from Cloud9 White. Bob sported 0.93 kills per round, leading the pack with Park FESTIVAL Ga-Yeon trailing behind them in second place with 0.85 K/PR.

Despite Fade being Bob’s most picked agent, Sova and Sage are where they showcase their best K/PR. In the past two months, Bob has had a 1.22 K/PR on both. C9 White came in fifth at the end of the tournament, meaning Bob had to do some heavy lifting in each game to keep the team afloat. The Fade main held the high K/PR despite not playing agents who are known for their killing ability, like Chamber.

With a little help from Bob’s heroics, the Vandal has now emerged triumphant over its silenced assault rifle family member. Double headshot kills are no more, and the one-shot headshot was the most preferred way to kill enemies in VALORANT Game Changers.

According to RIB.GG statistics, the top ten frag leaders in the VALORANT Game Changers tournament used Vandals as their preferred weapon. The stats also highlighted how much of a game-changer Bob was to the C9 White roster.

Now, if anyone complains youre using the Vandal in your matchmaking games, tell them to come read this, or tell them to come to Dot Esports anyway.

If the VALORANT professionals are using it, you probably should be too. 

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