One overpowered League champ has the highest win rate in 3 roles

And there are no changes to be seen.

It’s almost impossible for one League of Legends champion to hold the highest win rate in two different roles, let alone three. Yet one of the game’s most powerful tanks in the meta has achieved just that.

That one champion is Zac, who has been conquering Summoner’s Rift in Patch 13.1. As of now, he sits at the highest win rates in all rankings in the top lane, mid lane, and support, according to League’s stat site U.GG.

In the top lane, he boasts a 53.26 percent win rate and has a similar number in the support role with 53.02 percent. His win rate is truly eye-watering in the mid lane, where he has accumulated 55.37 percent, two percent more than the second-placed Heimerdinger.

That’s not all. While he doesn’t sit in first place, he has also been doing fantastically in the jungle, where he has recorded a 52.81 percent win rate so far, the third-highest out of all champions in the position.

Zac’s strength comes mostly from one of his core items, Radiant Virtue. It allows the champion to increase their maximum health and boosts their allies’ ability haste and healing. Moreover, it also makes the champion extremely beefy. And despite Zac and a few other champs abusing it, Riot won’t do anything about it just yet.

“We’re monitoring Radiant Virtue power level and want to move it more towards melees long term,” Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison wrote on Twitter on Jan. 17. At the same time, he revealed the planned changes for League’s Patch 13.2, and there are no nerfs for Zac to be found. But the nerf hammer will hit one of the main anti-Zac tools, Demonic Embrace, so there’s a possibility that he will become even stronger.

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