One off-meta jungle champ is dominating Challenger in LoL Patch 13.6

He regins supreme in two roles.

Challenger players have their own way of playing League of Legends, often utilizing off-meta champions to incredible effect. In Patch 13.6, they’ve been abusing one champ in two different roles.

In Challenger, Rengar is currently on top of the tables in terms of win rate in both the jungle and top lane.

In the jungle, he boasts a 55.33 percent win rate while recording an even higher win rate of 56.74 percent in the top lane, according to a League stats site U.GG. He has been picked much more frequently in the jungle, however, with over 850 matches compared to 280 in the top lane.

Rengar has been a solid pick this season despite not receiving any direct changes in 2023 (exact bug fixes, of course). Still, Patch 13.6 didn’t introduce any changes to Rengar’s main items or systems, so it’s hard to tell where his prowess in Challenger comes from.

Rengar isn’t the only champion with a high win rate in Challenger, though. Talon has an eye-watering 55.63 percent win rate in the mid lane but only a 5.7 percent pick rate, according to U.GG.

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Other champs that have crossed the 55 percent win rate threshold include Kennen and Cho’Gath in the mid lane, Karthus in the ADC position, and Taric and Zyra in support.

None of these champs are receiving balance changes in the upcoming Patch 13.7. But with Challenger players constantly reshaping the meta and coming up with picks in various roles, it seems almost certain that a new pick will dominate the ranks when the update goes live on April 5.

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