One of WoW’s best classes could be getting even better in Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5

Brace yourself.

Right now, theres no better class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight than Paladins. They can do it allheal, tank, and dish out unbelievable amounts of damage. Patch 10.1.5 has no plans to change that, in fact, the Paladin class could be getting even better with the devs relentlessly buffing Holy Paladins.

When Patch 10.0.7 landed on the live servers, Protection and Retribution Paladins pushed out all other specs from the top spots in their roles and took over Mythic+ dungeons and raids. This trend continued in Patch 10.1 and Protection and Retribution Paladins are to this day the most represented class in Mythic+ dungeon with 7.3 percent of the population playing Retribution Paladins and roughly seven percent of the player base playing Protection Paladins, according to Raider.IO.

Image via Raider.IO

Patch 10.1.5, which is coming in Summer 2023 and will center around introducing a new Evoker spec and a megadungeon called Dawn of the Infinite, has quite hefty Holy Paladin buffs in store. The changes are predominately focused on giving Holy Paladins more meaningful choices in the talent tree, improving the underrepresented talents, tweaking the baseline rotation, and removing the critical limitations like the unyielding need to stack even more Mastery and healing dependant only on Holy Power

Once these Holy Paladin buffs roll out on live servers, its safe to assume that Paladins will dominate both Mythic+ dungeons and Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible in all three roles, leaving little to no space for other classes to step up and take over. Holy Paladins have already been the top healer in Aberrus and its only a matter of time before they take over Mythic+ dungeons too.

Paladins, in general, are a great addition to a raid or group not only because of their sheer stats, healing, and damage output but because of their outstanding utility. They bring a wide variety of CC, interrupts, healing, damage mitigation spells, a battle resurrection ability, and other niche spells like Blessing of Freedom and Lay on Hands that can come in clutch. 

Patch 10.1.5 could easily be the era of Paladins and if you arent already playing one, its time to go to the character creation screen and adopt the ways of Light right now.

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