One of the most unpopular LoL champions has the highest KDA in LPL

You probably didn't see this coming.

While the LEC has just finished its first Winter Split, the remaining regions are still at the midway point of their respective Spring Splits. The LPL is no exception, with four weeks remaining and everything still to play for. Aside from a few top teams, the mid-pack is fully stacked, with more than 10 teams having the potential to make it to playoffs.

Given the large number of games played in the Chinese League, it’s a lot more difficult to maintain exceptional KDAs and stats, for both players but also for the individual champions.

That being said, there are some League characters still putting up high numbers, to the point where these unpopular champions are topping the KDA charts in the LPL.

Number one on the list is Skarner, boasting a 14.0 KDA. Only played once by LGD’s jungler Meteor, the Crystal Vanguard went 3/0/11 in the match against Rare Atom. The jungle champion only jumped on Summoner’s Rift four times in competitive play, and the LPL is the only major region to feature him (according to stats site Games of Legends).

Always considered a highly-situational pick, we likely won’t be seeing him until the end of the split.

Image via Riot Games

The champion with the second-highest KDA also has one game played, as BLG jungler Xun played Kindred in one solitary game. The ranged champion was played against Weibo Gaming, in a game where the Chinese jungler demolished the enemy team, ending the game with a 7/1/5 score and a 12.0 KDA.

The third and fourth places are taken by Aphelios and Cassiopeia. The ADC champion, after being a strong presence last year, disappeared from the season 13 meta. With only four games on the table, though, Aphelios has an average of 10.25 KDA (according to the lpl.qq).

Cassiopeia, on the other hand, has six matches played and has been played only by TT’s mid laner Ucal and WE’s mid Shanks. Their proficiency with the champion, though, is high, having a 9.83 KDA and 66 percent win rate from both players.

Image via Riot Games

Among the top five of this list, there is only one champion that has more than 10 games played and that is Yuumi. Despite having a total of 57 matches played, the average KDA is still sitting at 8.56 (according to the official LPL website).

On top of that, he boasts a 52% win rate, proving how relevant the magical cat has been at the start of the season. Now that Yuumi is getting a rework, we’ll have to see whether she can retain the same success in the near future.

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