One of the most popular LoL champions at MSI 2023 had a shockingly low win rate

You'd expect a more dominant performance.

After weeks of nail-biting teamfights and shocking picks, MSI 2023 is finally over with JD Gaming taking down Bilibili Gaming in a final showdown on May 21. Now thats all behind us, we can take delight in taking apart stats from the event, and one of the most picked champions stands out thanks to a shockingly low win rate.

The queen of the mid lane, Annie, appeared in 86 percent of games at MSI 2023, with teams picking her 25 times and banning her 40 times. For such a high priority, youd expect a high win rate to match, hovering around 60 percent or more. But in reality, Annie didnt find much success and her overall win rate was only 48 percent. 

If we compare that to Vi and KSante, the two most picked champions at MSI 2023 according to League of Legends stats site, Annies win rate is low for a champion who is supposed to be one of the best in their role. While Vi held a 95 presence at the event, her win rate was 56 percent. Similarly, KSante appeared in 89 percent of the games and had a 58 percent win rate.

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A champion who found himself in similar shoes as Annie was Aphelios. Although Aphelios pick rate was slightly lower than Annies with the champion making an appearance in 75 percent of MSI 2023 games, he held a disappointing 43 percent win rate.

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