One of Modern Warfare 2’s maps is an atrocious multi-lane highway mess

As if traffic wasn't annoying enough already.

The worldwide launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has begun, starting with the New Zealand/Australia region before heading west to Asia, Europe, and then North America.

Clips of gameplay are already beginning to circulate around the main social media platforms for CoD like Twitter and Reddit, and one of the early eye-catchers is the six-vs-six core version of the Santa Sena Border Crossing map.

Several prominent CoD influencers including CharlieIntel and CDL Intel have posted early footage of the map, which is mostly a long, multi-lane highway that is absolutely packed solid with abandoned vehicles, including cars, busses, vans, and trucks.

At first glance, the map looks like an absolute mess to have to navigate through and make callouts in, and while it does seem daunting to play on, it’s not quite as bad as it first appears. The vehicles are mostly grouped together by type and the ones that stand out serve as main callouts.

At the bottom (most southern part) of the map is the Mexico border. The first section as you start moving up is Camper, indicated by the numerous campers and RVs that are around. Then you pass Police Car before reaching the center of the map where an exploded car sits, this being Explosion. Past Explosion you reach Buses territory, and at the top of the map is the U.S. border.

But these callouts are extremely vague and general. For example, the Camper callout covers a large area and contains four separate RVs, and the Buses section also contains four buses, three of which appear to be the same color green.

This map is certainly going to be a challenge to compete on when and if players queue up for it in the six-vs-six playlist.

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