One of LoL’s most annoying champions is topping the win rate charts in Challenger

He's on duty!

Win rates in Challenger Elo are known to be highly volatile due to the low number of matches played, but the win rate this League champion has is astonishing, to say the least.

Top laner Teemo is topping the charts, boasting a 56.19 percent win rate according to League stats site U.GG. While his play rate is only at one percent with only 210 matches played, it’s still a surprise to see him reigning supreme. Only two other top laners have broken the 55 percent win rate threshold: Kled and Singed, with 56.07 and 55.22 percent, respectively.

Teemo is rarely played in the higher levels of the solo queue ladder, with his play rate visibly dropping between gold and platinum Elo.

That said, the few Challenger players who have been playing him in Patch 13.9 seem to have found consistent success on the pick, especially on the EU ladder, where one-third of Teemo’s total matches are played, according to U.GG. Out of those 70 games, Teemo was victorious in over 65 percent of them.

Given the high presence of melee champions up in the top lane, Teemo is the natural answer to combat them thanks to his ranged nature. He can abuse those champions during the laning phase, and get consistent lane priority for any potential play or skirmish that happens on the map.

On top of that, Teemo’s mushrooms gain increasing value during the late stages of the game, especially once teams start grouping up more often to fight for neutral objectives. By placing them in the entryways of dragons and barons, as well as other bushes, opponents will have to play like they’re in a minefield: walking up to contest becomes a lot tougher and even if they do, Teemo’s mushrooms would end up blowing up a big chunk of their health bar.

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Teemo’s build has changed ever since Nashor’s Tooth was reworked in Patch 13.6, transitioning from a full AP build to an attack-focused build. Teemo players rush Nashor’s Tooth first and Riftmaker second for the Mythic item, followed by Demonic Embrace third. For the last item slots, they usually go for Morellonomicon and Void Staff, or Rabadon’s Deathcap if they want to maximize the damage output.

Even though Teemo is considered annoying by a large majority of League players, Challenger players might want to have the Yordle to increase their chances of victory.

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