One of League’s most iconic outplays is 10 years old today

Time flies fast, but this play is eternal.

This legendary League of Legends outplay turned 10 today.

It was exactly 10 years ago today xPeke pulled off an incredible backdoor on Kassadin versus SK Gaming during IEM Katowice 2013. Thanks to this play, the Spaniard secured a clutch victory for Fnatic, qualifying for the playoffs of the event.

It began with Fnatic’s push on SK’s base, which allowed them to take down both Nexus turrets. But with the enemies respawning, they were pushed back and xPeke was forced to retreat while low on HP. After SK gave up on chasing him, however, he used his Teleport to return to their base.

XPeke was immediately met with Kevin “Kev1n” Rubuszewski’s Olaf, but it wasn’t enough to stop him. Using Kassadin’s ultimate, the Spaniard was able to dodge incoming skill shots and hit the Nexus. XPeke secured the backdoor and a triumph over their rivals, leaving SK stunned.

This play quickly cemented itself in League’s history. It’s since been one of the most memorable backdoors and has gained worldwide fame. As a result, backdoor attempts are often referred to as “xPeke” today.

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