One of Apex’s most notorious bugs is back and its sending players for a spin


An infamous bug has returned to Apex Legends, and it’s been leaving players floating in a state of confusion.

A player shared the bug they encountered in a May 24 Reddit thread that’s quickly been gaining traction.

The video shows them playing Pathfinder in a Control game. After rattling out a few bullets, their opponent stopped and hovered briefly in the air. After jumping, they also succumbed to low gravity.

They seemed confused at first, whiffing most of their shots. But they then switched to the Sentinel and landed a kill while jumping high in the air.

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Ultimately, the glitch offered them an advantage over their opponent. “It was like this for half a game,” they wrote in the title of the Reddit thread.

This notorious low-gravity bug has been cropping up in Apex for a while. Players even figured out how to trigger it on purpose using Valkyrie before the developer found ways to fix it in 2021.

The bug is back, and it’s unclear whether the developer is tackling the issue.

Despite the bug being a nuisance to some players, others find it amusing. Redditors even suggested Respawn add a low-gravity game mode in the future.

“Bro just leaked a new LTM and tried to play it off,” the highest-voted comment on the thread said. “A low gravity LTM could be a lot of fun,” another player added.

Apex players can now enjoy Control whenever they desire. The mode was added as a permanent game mode in March through the Mixtape playlist after several tries as an LTM in 2022.

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