One of Apex’s most beloved LTMs may become permanent, according to leaks

Would it still be special if it was always live?

The Apex Legends limited-time mode Control may become permanent sometime in the future, according to a prominent leaker.

Reddit user AnApexPlayer recently shared a list of leaks and upcoming updates to Apex that was “verified” by prominent community leaker Thordan. The list was featured in a video of Thordan’s that was released yesterday in which he claims that the list was passed on to him by an inside source. Very few updates on the list have been confirmed or even mentioned by Apex developer Respawn Entertainment, and some of them supposedly won’t be arriving for months or even years.

Among the leaked updates and changes mentioned was the removal of Arenas mode, which has been hinted at by Thordan and other leakers prior to the reveal of this list. Arenas has not received an update or new maps in several seasons, and its ranked variation is supposedly plagued with cheaters, hackers, and leavers. Thordan posits that Arenas will be removed and replaced with Control, a much-loved LTM that was introduced earlier this year during season 12.

Like Arenas, Control has its own map rotation, though its maps are made up of modified existing POIs rather than all-new battlegrounds. Unlike Arenas, Control lacks a ranked mode, though there’s nothing that says Respawn couldn’t implement one if it decided to make the mode permanent.

It’s important to note that everything on this list should be considered speculation and taken with a grain of salt until Respawn comments on any of the individual updates. Thordan has been correct in the past, but it still remains to be seen what direction Respawn will take Apex in the next year and beyond.

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