One nerfed LoL champion has the second-highest win rate in high ranks in Patch 13.5

How the tables have turned.

One League of Legends champion has been boasting an incredibly high win rate in an unusual role in Patch 13.5, despite receiving small nerfs in the recent update.

Rammus currently sits on a 53.76 percent win rate in Diamond+ matches when picked for the top lane, according to a League stat site U.GG. This is the second-highest win rate overall in that ranking, which follows Karthus’ eye-watering 53.87 percent win rate in the bottom lane.

Still, Rammus’ win rate increase is somewhat surprising since the champion received a minor nerf to his base stats and Q in Patch 13.5. The update lowered his attack damage growth to 2.75 and his magic damage growth on his Powerball. These nerfs are nowhere near enough to lower his status as a strong solo queue jungler, yet him becoming a top-tier top laner in the higher rankings in the meantime is slightly staggering.

No other changes could also have a direct impact on Rammus’ top lane strength. A few items and systems were tweaked in Patch 13.5, however, they weren’t used by the champion either way, except Plated Steelcaps.

All in all, skilled League players should be aware of this new pick surging in the top lane. Rammus currently sits on a pretty high pick rate in Diamond+ ranks with 1.2 percent, according to U.GG. Some players also started banning him, as he has a 3.9 percent ban rate in these rankings.

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It doesn’t look like it will change in the upcoming Patch 13.6, which takes a few champions under the scope, but not Rammus.

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