One month after Ramattra’s release, Overwatch players are still struggling to unlock the hero

The struggle is real for those who didn't buy the premium battle pass.

Even though Ramattra, the latest hero added to Overwatch 2, has been available since early December 2022, he’s not getting much play.

Players are usually hyped to test new heroes in Overwatch 2, but Ramattra is not following that route. In fact, there are players complaining that locking away new heroes behind the premium battle pass or by grinding the game made them lose all the hype they had.

“I play Overwatch 2 about two or threes times a week with friends for about five or six matches each night,” a Redditor said on Jan. 10. “I like to play the game at my own pace so I understood that itd be a while for me to get the new hero. What I did not expect is that after weeks and weeks, Im still nowhere close enough to unlock him. [There are] about 10 more levels to go. I get it that when Overwatch became free-to-play, they had to put basically all the skins behind the battle pass and the paid bundles. Get that bag i guess. But locking away a playable hero is just shitty.”

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Ramattra is the sixth least-picked hero in Overwatch 2 for PC during January 2023, according to Overbuff’s statistics. The tank was picked in just 1.29 percent of matches and is only above Symmetra, Sombra, Junker Queen, Wrecking Ball, and Echo in terms of popularity among PC players. Ramattra’s pick rate is even worse among console Overwatch 2 players as he has been picked only 0.05 percent of the time during this month, according to Overbuff.

If you haven’t bought the premium battle pass, you have to level up the free battle pass up to tier 45 to unlock Ramattra. The tank is actually easier to unlock than his predecessor, Kiriko, who was unlocked at tier 55 for those with the free battle pass.

Unfortunately for casual players, though, the free battle pass seems designed for players who play Overwatch 2 on a daily basis and not just a couple of times per week. The biggest amount of XP you can get is by completing the three daily tasks.

It seems unlikely at this point that Blizzard Entertainment will change its stance on locking heroes behind the premium battle pass or free battle pass anytime soon.

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