One Marvel Snap card change just killed some popular decks

This tweak is big.

Second Dinner implemented the latest major Marvel Snap patch today, May 16. It included a ton of new features and system changes coming to the game, as well as some buffs and nerfs. And one of the bigger changes is the rewording of Waves effect, which will affect a ton of meta cards and decks.

Waves original effect made all the costs of the cards in both players hands four regardless of their original costs once it was played. This meant cards with cost reduction effects could apply their abilities after Waves effect was resolved. Cards like She-Hulk and Death could go as low as becoming zero-cost with Waves help. Now, its effect will be applied after all the cost reduction effects, making the zero-cost She-Hulks and Deaths impossible to happen.

Waves new effect will now read as On Reveal: All cards cost 4 until the end of next turn. Developer Second Dinner justified this move, saying Wave has been far too constraining. The devs even admitted “this change kills a few decks.”

In addition to a text update that clarifies when Waves effect begins, weve also made a rather large adjustment ‘under the hood,’ Second Dinner said. Wave will now begin to apply after effects that reduce card costs, rather than before. That means She-Hulk, Death, etc. will always cost 4 while Wave is in effect. We dont take lightly that this change kills a few decks, but Wave has been far too constraining on our ability to use cost reduction as a synergy reward in future designs. Leaning on Wave is just always better than dedicating your deck to the actual synergyweve seen that with Death since both cards went live, and well continue seeing it without this action.

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Other cards that were affected in the latest patch include Crystal, which now allows players to draw a card when it is played, Death, which has now a reduced cost of eight (from nine), and a text revision for White Queen. Kitty Pryde, on the other hand, will be released in the game as a free card, with its reworked ability that reads When this returns to your hand, +2 Power. Returns at the start of each turn.

A handful of changes are also coming to the game. This includes the reduction of required cubes to rank up from 10 to seven, separate cosmetics customization for each deck, new card series drops, a flexible series release and drop, and the upcoming Weekend Missions.

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