One LoL role is struggling in Season 13 with the most below-average win rates

It may be time for a role change.

Players have seen champion win rates rise and fall in the past few League of Legends patches, with certain champions dominating and taking over the Rift since their recent reworks and buffs, like Aurelion Sol and Annie. 

And while its great to see these champions coming back to play after being unviable for so long, one particular role is suffering this seasonand its not the jungle.

The jungle and the bot lane, specifically AD carries, have received several buffs and nerfs this season to help eliminate early-game snowballing and to promote farming over early ganking. While those changes have helped some roles, others have taken a dent for them, including the support role in the bot lane.

According to League stats site U.GG, 18 of the 43 champions whove been played in the support role have win rates below 50 percent. And if youre a support main, choosing a champion to play on the Rift is challenging because even the more popular champions, like Lux, are barely managing to scratch above this average win mark.

Granted, some champions being played as supports in this patch are considered off-meta. But if Annie can have the highest win rate in the support role right now, its no wonder why people are trying new things to rank up.

Even though Yuumi just received a rework, shes barely above average with her 50.62 percent win rate. This bodes ill for support players and even for new character Milio, the mage support rolling out in League Patch 13.6.

Being a support can be rewarding because you have someone to work with and can rely on in lane. But, in Season 13 so far, support champions are just not making the cut.

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