One LoL player has a mind-blowingly high KDA—but the community is not impressed

What kind of sorcery is this?

One League of Legends player has a KDA score of 113.7:1 across 114 games in season 13, but the community is far from impressed and is calling them a KDA player

On March 1, one League player was matched in a game with a Poppy OTP player who had a KDA score of 113.7:1 across 114 games in season 13. The player who played against this Bronze OTP Poppy was dumbstruck at this mindblowing KDA score and simply had to ask League community on Reddit hows this possible.

After investigating the OP.GG account in question, the community almost unanimously concluded that this is the prime example of a KDA player. 

This is an actual KDA player. If you look at the most recent game where they actually died, the enemy ADC has 8 kills and everyone on Poppy’s team has 6+ deaths. As a tank support, it’s literally impossible that this Poppy was participating at all in this game after lane phase ended. 3 of Poppy’s abilities require being in range of Lucian, who would literally have killed her in like 4 autos, one player explained.

Others believe this might be a smurf player doing a challenge as these players often get bored with simply playing the game or waiting until the queue pops up.

My first assumption was that it was a smurf that was doing this as some kind of challenge – I remember there used to be a tank LeBlanc that went afk if you killed her a single time, one player added.

If you take a closer look at the players OP.GG, youll notice this player has low kill participation and their only goal in all of their games is not to die, but the reason behind this challenge will stay a mystery. 

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