One LoL champion reigns supreme in Challenger following Patch 13.9 buffs


League of Legends Patch 13.9 introduced buffs to a handful of champions on May 3, including Swain whose win rate skyrocketed in the Challenger rank in two different positions.

The champion currently has the highest win rate in the AD carry role at 57.71 percent, according to a League stat site U.GG. Swain also has the fifth-highest win rate in the mid lane at 53.79 percent, just behind Kai’Sa, Tryndamere, Akshan, and Cho’Gath. That said, he only has one percent and 2.3 percent pick rates, respectively.

In Patch 13.9, the base damage of Swain’s Q was slightly increased. The ability’s damage per bolt also went up as well as the maximum magic damage, which together made the ability much more powerful in both the laning phase and late game teamfights.

In recent years, Swain’s strength has changed thanks to a series of tweaks to the champion. In the past, he was a solid top laner, and even support. Most recently, though, he’s excelled the most in the mid lane, however, some players like to pick him as a counter in the bot lane.

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With Swain in the team, players can be more aggressive, with the champion’s ultimate allowing for sustainability. If he falls behind, though, it can be difficult to make the most out of him, especially when he’s played as a marksman.

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