One LoL champion has a 90 percent pick-ban rate at MSI 2023 despite nerfs

And they will likely continue to dominate.

Mid-Season Invitational 2023 has featured 79 League of Legends champions so far, however only one of them has held to a 90 percent pick and ban rate.

The champion with the highest pick and ban rate percentage is Vi, who has accumulated a stunning 92.5 percent rate, being the only one to break the 90 percent threshold after 19 series of MSI 2023, according to Leaguepedia. At the same time, she has one of the highest win rates in the tournament with 57.1 percent.

Such stellar stats for Vi may be surprising for some, considering she received some nerfs in Patch 13.7. In the update, got her Q weakened and E tweaked, so that the latter has lower basic damage but higher AD and AP converters. With those being her vital abilities, and Vi usually going for tanky builds, many expected her popularity to drop, especially at MSI 2023, which is played on Patch 13.7.

It looks like these predictions couldn’t be more wrong. With Vi at the top of pick and ban rate statistics and her aggressive kit, she’s destined to reign supreme in the jungle position until the end of the tournament. And with no nerfs on the horizon for her, she could remain junglers’ favorite coming into the summer, though, the upcoming update will see a bunch of pivotal changes to the gameplay.

Only three champions surpassed 80 percent in terms of the P&B ratioK’Sante, Rakan, and Anniewho hold 84.9, 81.1, and 81.1 percent rates, respectively.

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MSI 2023 action returns on May 16 with G2 Esports taking on Bilibili Gaming in an elimination match.

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