One LoL champion dominates the top of damage leaderboard in all ranks in Patch 13.4

Is it any wonder?

One champion is still reigning supreme in League of Legends when it comes to dealing damage.

Karthus tops the leaderboard of most average damage dealt in every rank in League, according to stat site U.GG. Furthermore, he does so in multiple positions. In most ranks, he takes the No. 1 spot as the jungler. But in some, he claims it as an AD carry champion, like in Grandmaster and Diamond.

Karthus’ prowess hasn’t come out of nowhere. With his kit, League players often sacrifice themselves in teamfights to deal as much damage with their passive plus E combo. Karthus’ ultimate is also global and can be cast after his death as well, allowing him to unleash massive amounts of damage onto his enemies.

On the other hand, this enormous damage capability doesn’t transition well in terms of win rate when he’s picked for the jungle. In all ranks in that role, he ranks just 187th with a 48.38 percent win rate, according to U.GG. He also isn’t present in many games as a jungler, as he has a poor 1.3 pick rate and only a 0.5 percent ban rate in these ranks.

The case is different when he’s picked for the bottom lane. There, he currently has a 53.96 percent win rate. He’s chosen for that position far less often, however.

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It doesn’t seem like anything will change for the Deathsinger anytime soon. Karthus hasn’t received any direct changes since Patch 12.22 when he received a minor buff to his mana pool. He also hasn’t found himself on the list of updated champions in League’s Patch 13.5, which is scheduled to release next week.

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