One LEC team is on pace to nearly double their total deaths this Spring Split compared to last season

Going from a fiery Winter Split to a cool spring.

Last season, MAD Lions’ League of Legends team was one of the best in the LEC. Not only did they finish with a formidable 7-2 record through the regular season, but they also came one series away from winning their third regional championship before losing to G2 Esports in the 2023 Winter Finals.

During this 2023 Spring Split, however, the pride of Europe has fallen significantly over the course of two weeks. They currently have a lackluster 2-4 record and are also on pace to almost double their total team deaths when compared to last season.

MAD have already accumulated 100 total deaths over six games, which is 20 more than they had in total last winter, according to competitive League stats site Oracle’s Elixir. If the team continues to rack up deaths at this pace, they’re poised to finish with a whopping 150 deaths by the end of the split.

The roster also only has 62 kills, which has them tied alongside Excel Esports for the lowest number of kills in the league. They still have decent early-game numbers with a respectable average gold difference of 743 at 15 minutes, but they haven’t been able to transition their leads to the later stages of the game recently.

In their latest loss to Team Heretics, for example, MAD were heading into the mid game with a decent lead at the 12-minute mark before a messy, uncoordinated teamfight gave Heretics some much-needed breathing room. Afterward, it felt like Heretics were able to counter every offensive play that MAD made, and the pride could not hold their ground when they were on the defense.

Looking forward, MAD will need to win every game they have left, especially since they are tied with four other teams at the bottom of the regular season standings. They need to fix their coordination issues in the late game if they want a chance at the Spring Split group stage later this month.

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