One LEC player dominated 2023 Winter Playoffs damage stats, and he doesn’t play for G2

That's impressive.

The 2023 LEC Winter Playoffs concluded on Feb. 26 with a swift G2 Esports victory, surprisingly though, it wasn’t a G2 player that dominated the tournament in terms of damage.

The player with the highest damage per minute in the 2023 LEC Winter Playoffs turned out to be Markos “Comp” Stamkopoulos. The 21-year-old boasted 705 damage per minute, according to League of Legends stat site Oracle’s Elixir.

Quite interestingly, Comp recorded such high damage per minute despite KOI losing both of their series in playoffs. In the beginning, they lost to G2 3-1, and later on were eliminated from final contention by the same score against MAD Lions, making their overall record 2-6 in the 2023 LEC Winter Playoffs.

In these two series, Comp played five different champions, including some of the strongest AD carries in the current meta. Moreover, in two wins on Sivir and Kalista, he had a fantastic KDA of 15 and 17, respectively, as he didn’t record any deaths in these two games.

When it comes to DPM, Comp’s closest rival in the 2023 LEC Winter Playoffs was G2’s Steven “Hans Sama” Liv, who finished on 643 points. Hans Sama led the competition in terms of KDA with a 9.4 score and was followed by four of his teammates from G2, according to Oracle’s Elixir. Comp finished with the sixth-highest KDA of 3.6.

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Comp and KOI will return to action next Saturday, March 11, when the 2023 LEC Spring Season begins.

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