One League bot lane duo continues to dominate in League Patch 13.1

They can't be taken down.

The first League of Legends update of the year is here, bringing the much-anticipated 2023 ranked season along with it. And while it introduced a series of nerfs and buffs across the board, in the bottom lane, one duo is still the best.

Samira and Rell are still the best champions to pick in the bot lane, at least in terms of win rate. As a duo, they currently have a 55.37 percent win rate in the Platinum ranks and above, according to stats site U.GG. The case was the same in Patch 12.23.

Neither Samira nor Rell were changed in Patch 13.1. Their core items, Immortal Shieldbow, The Collector, Infinity Edge, Evenshroud, and Thornmail, also didn’t see any updates in the patch.

Both champions work together well. They feature an aggressive “all-in” playstyle, mashing together perfectly. Rell’s knock-up also works fantastically with Samira’s passive, which can extend the knock-up on enemies and allows her to dash toward immobilized opponents. All in all, it’s an aggressive combo that can lead to early-game domination if played well.

The second-best duo in the bot lane in League Patch 13.1 is Xayah and Blitzcrank, with a 55.14 percent win rate. It’s another extremely aggressive duo. Once Blitzcrank hooks an enemy and knocks them up, Xayah should have enough feathers on the ground to root them with her E. Once this combo is executed, the duo should score at least a kill, opening the way to snowball the rest of the game

Jhin and Heimerdinger come in third on the list. In Patch 13.1, they have recorded a 55.07 percent win rate. Similar to the other two duos, once Jhin or Heimerdinger land CC, they should have enough follow-up damage to at least bully enemies out of lane, if not grab the kill.

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