One item is dominating the Dota 2 meta so much that it’s become more than a meme

It's finally getting its moment in the spotlight.

The infamous Meteor Hammer item, also known as the Meme Hammer by the Dota 2 fandom due to questions about its effectiveness, was added back in Oct. 2017. Players can buy the enchanted hammer comprised of a Perseverance, a Crown, and a Recipe for 2,300 Gold to receive eight points in each stat, 6.5 health regen, and 2.5 mana regen.

Its active ability, however, is what defines it. After a channeling period, players summon a meteor that strikes an area, damaging and stunning enemies and buildings, with a portion of the damage applied upon impact and a portion applied over time.

Other than Treant Protector players, who used it to damage buildings while hiding in trees, and Outworld Destroyer players, who used it as a follow-up to Arcane Orb, it was hardly a staple item in the meta.

A subtle change in the latest patch, however, has seen it become a hit on a number of heroes in different roles. That change was a reduction in its channel time, from 2.5 seconds to 2 seconds, which brings the total time until impact down to 2.5 seconds.

Dota 2 Meteor HammerScreengrab via Valve

It doesnt sound like much, but its made a world of difference. Now, were seeing Meteor Hammer picked up on heroes like Dragon Knight, Magnus, Mars, Nyx Assassin, Riki, and Sand King, who use it to follow up their other abilities that stun and disable.

Data on Dota2ProTracker shows high-ranked players pick it 60 percent of the time, depending on what role theyre playing. And if that isnt proof enough, pros like OG legend Topson have been using it too. Its become a core item for him on Riki.

If the best in the Dota business are using it, then it must be viable.

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