One iconic LoL duo keeps popping up in the LCS, but we’re not sure they’re the best picks

Sure as the tides.

The fourth week of the LCS 2023 Spring Split was exciting, with FlyQuest’s undefeated reign coming to a bittersweet end against TSM. During Week 4, players had to continue adapting to Patch 13.3, which came out on Feb. 8.

Across the three game days, several champions were consistently picked and banned, and for the most part, the most picked characters have remained relatively consistent. And, like last season, one duo remains a highly desired combo pick for North American teams.

In week four of the LCS 2023 Spring Split, Lucian and Nami were chosen six times; of those six games, they only won three. Considering how prioritized this duo has been (together they had a 40 percent pick rate), the assumption would be their overall win rates must be reasonably high for teams to want these two. But that doesn’t appear to be the case.

According to League analytics site U.GG, Lucian currently has a 47.8 percent win rate in solo queue across all ranks, while Nami wins 50.16 percent of games in solo queue. Individually, they’re not doing incredibly well, and they haven’t received significant buffs in the latest patch to suggest they should be a highly desired pick.

In fact, across the season, Lucian has already appeared 20 times and was banned 13 more. Nami, the harder of the pair to flex, has been played the same amount but has yet to be banned. Despite that, Lucian only had a 45 percent win rate in the competition, far behind Zeri (who has won 55.6 percent of her games) and Caitlyn (played in 10 games for a 60 percent win rate), who make up the ADC trifecta in Spring.

What makes this duo pick even more puzzling is they are placed 109 in the top 172 bot lane duo tier list with a win rate of 49.85 percent. This means there are currently 108 bot lane duos in Patch 13.3 that are, statistically, a better pick than Lucian and Nami.

With week five of the LCS 2023 Spring Split beginning Feb. 23, it’ll be interesting to see if NA League teams choose champions based on the meta or if classic comfort picks, like Lucian and Nami, will continue to be locked in.

One sure-fire pick that will pop up again is Zeri, at the very least.

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