One gun tops Apex meta as overwhelming preference for ALGS pros in every situation

One weapon surpasses all others at every stage.

Apex Legends weapons choice is usually a personal preference, with each player finding their favorites to use after honing their skills to perfection. However, for those looking for inspiration, they can look at the pros preferences in the Apex Legends Global Series.

Although the Apex community has agreed most weapons are viable at every level of play, the pro league has trended towards using one particular weapon in almost every circumstance, topping the global leaderboards for playtime.

The Nemesis Burst AR ranks as the number one weapon for playtime in Split Two in four of the five major regions, according to stat tracking site Apex Stats. South America boasts the highest playtime for the Nemesis, with 72 hours across all of Split Two. The R-99 came in second with 50 hours across the regular season.

Screengrab via Apex Legends Stats

The Nemesis was introduced to Apex in season 16 at a time when the classic R-301 stood as the most dominant assault rifle in the majority of lobbies. At the ALGS Split One Playoffs, the R-301 ranked first for cumulative play time over the four-day LAN event. The R-301 was used for 89 hours, while the Flatline came in second place at 67 hours played, and the 30-30 Repeater ran third with 39 hours.

The R-301 was not only the most prevalent gun at the Apex Playoffs, but also completely swept every single category, eclipsing the kills, damage, and shots fired by all other weapons. The R-301s damage totaled 368,550 damage in all matches.

In comparison, the HAVOC, Hemlok, and Flatline combined totaled around 324,499 damage, showcasing how strong the R-301 was in comparison to other ARs.

Screengrab via Apex Legends Stats

Respawn intended for the Nemesis release to shake up the meta of weapon picks, hoping to overtake the R-301s position as the number-one choice in all situations.

We have a lot of weapons and they all have a pretty strong personality and a definition of what they do. When we think about the Nemesis and what our goals are for it on the battlefield, its really to help dislodge this sort of line we have at the top. lead weapon designer Eric Canavese explained told press ahead of season 16.

With the Hemlok put into the care package for season 16, many players looked for alternatives that could match the fast time-to-kill of a burst weapon, coupled with the versatility and range of the assault rifle. Its going to be a strong gun when it launches. Its definitely going to gun for the R-301 and the Flatline. Were excited to see how that plays into the meta, Canavese predicted, a statement that held true throughout Split Two.

At the end of Split Twos regular season, the Nemesis sits in first place for playtime across all five regions. The R-301 has fallen off heavily in pick rate, dropping from third to sixth place, depending on region. The once-renowned AR was outclassed by the Flatline in NA and EMEA, the G7 in APAC-S, and even the Charge Rifle in APAC-N.

Although the G7 Scout was made available as ground loot after swapping places with the Hemlok, pros preferred the Nemesis as their mid-range weapon in most situations, as players did not have to split ammo between the R-99 if they carried two light weapons, and the damage nerf to the R-301 in season 16s patch notes.

Season 16s changes included an extra damage per bullet for the R-99, from 11 to 12, and the removal of one bullet from all magazine sizes to the R-301, from 19 to 18 bullets in the base kit. The buffs and nerfs to the two weapons may seem small, but their impact led to a complete shift in the perception and usage in the Split Two meta.

Longstanding pros who have played Apex since its release like TSMs ImperialHal and NRGs Sweet compared the two weapons on a ranked stream on May 2, 2023. They discussed how the Nemesis matches the original R-301s state when Apex was released in 2019, and how in season 16, only the Nemesis can compete with close-range weapons, like the popular R-99, with its hipfire and ramping up fire rate.

With the fast TTK, low recoil, ammo type, and weapon class allowing for engagements at all ranges, the Nemesis fills a previously empty niche many battle royale pros prefer over its competition. For players looking at the ALGS for inspiration, Split Two has provided undeniable results: the R-301 has quickly become a gun of the past.

One thing’s clear: the Nemesis Burst AR is the gun of Apexs future.

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