One Dragonflight Mythic+ dungeon will be far easier to time after weekly reset

Overdue, but still the change we needed.

In the first season of World of Warcraft Dragonflight, Mythic+ dungeons have been under fire for featuring outdated affixes, Thundering being underwhelming, and some dungeons having much too short timers. Although plenty of changes are coming to Mythic+ dungeons in Patch 10.1, Blizzard Entertainment is tweaking Mythic+ dungeons with each weekly reset. This time around, the Azure Vault is on the menu.

Starting with this weeks reset that goes live on March 14 for North America and March 15 for Europe, the Azure Vault will be far easier to time as the WoW devs are increasing the timer from 34 minutes to 35 minutes and 30 seconds. Aside from that, Azureblades mana will drain over 60 seconds instead of the original 50 seconds.

Although Blizzard has nerfed Mythic+ dungeons time and time again, the biggest problem the Azure Vault has is its timer. In simple terms, to time the Azure Vault you had to have a perfect run with no deaths, and still, your success couldnt be guaranteed, especially on Tyrannical weeks where boss encounters normally last five minutes. 

The main reason why WoW devs waited so long to add more time to the Mythic+ timer in the Azure Vault is that we are now approaching the end of the season and they want to help as many players as they can to get their Keystone Master and Keystone Hero achievements leading up to season two.

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