One Destiny 2 class is dominating Guardian Games as players pay tribute to Lance Reddick

For our Commander.

Destiny 2s Guardian Games arrived on May 3, once again pitting Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters against each other in a race to complete activities and boost each class’ medal tally, but just a day in, its blindingly obvious there is already a winner.

Titans utterly dominated the medal tally at the end of day one of Guardian Games and are set to sweep this years edition of Destinys Olympics. Many knew this going into the eventsome players have even specifically switched off their main Hunter or Warlock to play Titan just for Guardian Games.

Why? For Lance Reddick.

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Following the tragic passing of renowned actor Lance Reddick in March, guardians the world over have paid tribute to the voice behind Commander Zavala. Reddick gave his voice to Zavala for the better part of the past decade, and even though his acting career would ultimately eclipse Destiny, he would always find time to return to the franchise he loved, both as Zavala and as an avid player himself.

Screenshot by Dot Esports via Bungie

One Hunter main mentioned it was nothing to do with the class, nor the rewards that come with the Guardian Games winners. This is the last year we will have Zavala with the voice of Lance Reddick. Titans deserve the bragging rights.

The jury is out on how Bungie should proceed with Zavala in future Destiny seasons. It is possible Reddick had already recorded content for future expansions, but beyond such releases, it is unclear how Zavala will be represented, or whether he should be recast at all.

The Warlock contingent has also spoken up, believing their class should receive a look-in for Guardian Games, as Reddick himself mained a Warlock when playing Destiny.

In previous Games, should a class be ahead by a significant margin, Bungie had adjusted the worth of each medal for each class, encouraging competition amongst the player base and leveling the playing field over the course of the event. Even with such adjustments this time around, we struggle to see Titans be toppled for Guardian Games in 2023.

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Destiny 2s 2023 Guardian Games will run until the end of the season, leaving players plenty of time to earn medals and gear ahead of Season of the Deep in May.

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