One crafty Overwatch 2 player has finally figured out how to control their whole team

I, for one, welcome our new gamer overlord.

The sheer brutality from the pain caused by awful teammates might be insurmountable. Fortunately, theres a way around it, but its not pretty.

Players in Overwatch 2 dont have the luxury of kicking their bot teammates, and also cant find a replacement player in competitive. Fear not though, an OW2 gamer has figured out a method thats definitely something.

Their stunned opponent filmed the best OverwatchThe Blair Witch Project hybrid and the footage begs the question, Why is one dude controlling all heroes?

For those of you unfamiliar with MMOs, theres a tactic called multi-boxing. This hive-mind-like strategy is basically one individual whos figured out how to control five PCs at once. The tactic in MMOs is to fight low-level mobs to level up characters to sell them later. The fact its in an FPS title, though, is a whole new ballgame.

In this case, the user is likely taking control of all four teammates in an attempt to de-rank as many accounts as possible at the same time. The goal is to get them to the lowest rank possible, then similarly to MMOs, sell them to people who want to smurf.

While an uneducated gamer might believe the perpetrator is a mega-minded individual with the ultimate goal of winning, theyd be wildly incorrect.

However, there is always the other possibility that it could all be in the hopes of achieving ultimate team cohesion. But as soon as that possibility arises, what happens if you kill the main hero? The rest are lost, claims one OW2 Redditor.

But after all the games OW2 players have experienced where a teammate drops the ball in a once-thought-unachievable fashion, we empathize with the possibility of someone saying Fine, Ill do it myself.

In all seriousness, report anyone doing this. Unfortunately, youll have to report all five Overwatch accounts. Also, enjoy the win, youll likely never get one so free.

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