One champion is dominating Challenger rank with stunning 60 percent win rate in LoL Patch 13.4

They may be your go-to pick for rapid climbing.

Some League of Legends champions will always perform well in the hands of high-elo players, but one of them is boasting a massive win rate in Challenger in Patch 13.4.

As of now, Taric has recorded an eye-watering 61.08 percent win rate in the support role in Challenger ranks in Patch 13.4, according to a League stat site U.GG. In fact, he’s the only champion that crossed the 60 percent milestone.

Yet, it doesn’t look like Taric is overwhelmingly popular. He has a low pick rate of 1.5 percent, and his ban rate is even lower, currently sitting at 0.4 percent.

Taric hasn’t received any direct buffs or nerfs since Patch 12.17, so the reason why is he boasting such a high win rate may be surprising to many. Moreover, his core items haven’t been touched either.

On the other hand, the reason behind his solo queue prowess in Challenger might be his kit and his mastery ceiling. In today’s meta Taric seems like a perfect counter-pick against support AD carries and snowball compositions. While he may fall behind in the early game, his ultimate can turn around a teamfight or two if used properly. Besides, he provides his team with a bit of healing and some crowd control, which always comes in handy.

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Yet, to put Taric’s abilities to good use, you must know how to get around this champion. His win rate drops a little in all ranks, yet is still quite high, as it’s seventh-highest in the game with 52.71 percent, according to U.GG. At the same time, he has the highest win rate out in the support role in all ranks.

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