One Apex legend is quickly becoming the go-to pick for Predators this season

"We will defeat all of our enemies!"

Apex Legends has seen many exciting features since the start of season 16, with several legend changes, legend classes, new weapons, and even a new player orientation experience. With all of the changes, one legend has come out on top.

According to Apex Legends Status, the most popular legends for Master/Predators include Pathfinder, who has a 19.3 percent pick rate; Wraith, who has a pick rate of 12.7 percent; and Bangalore, who has a 12.2 percent pick rate. Yet across all ranks, the most popular legends are Octane, with a pick rate of 11.3 percent; Wraith, with a pick rate of 11.2 percent; and Pathfinder, with a pick rate of 10.5 percent. 

So, why is Pathfinder slowly becoming the go-to pick for Masters/Predators? There are many reasons for this, and they’re primarily centered around the buffs he’s received this season. And because he’s a lot of fun to play if you can master his high-skill ceiling.

His passive ability is no longer tied to Survey Beacons because he’s not a ‘Recon’ legend. As a ‘Skirmisher’ class, he gets Passive benefits like a 10-second Ultimate cooldown reduction when he reveals Care Packages with his Skirmisher ability.

On top of this, his Zipline Gun Ultimate range has increased by roughly 60 percent, and his max speed increased by 66 percent. Pathfinder has become an incredibly mobile legend that can easily traverse different map rotations.

And depending on how he’s played, you can get creative, making him fun and highly effective in ranked Apex matches, which is why he’s slowly becoming the go-to legend for Master/Predators in Apex.

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