Old man grind: Puppey is playing a crazy amount of Dota 2 despite Team Secret’s 2023 woes

The legendary captain is on the grind.

At 32 years old, Puppey is one of the oldest active Dota 2 pro players. Hes also in a major predicament right now. Team Secret was relegated to Division Two in the Western European Dota Pro Circuit despite being runners-up at The International 11.

But like the stalwart legend he is, he hasnt lost faith. In fact, despite his many years of experience, hes working harder than ever. The fact he played 26 matches in a row is proof of that. According to Dota2ProTracker, Puppey has been grinding. The madman has racked up 68 matches in the last eight days26 in the last 24 hours alone.

It caught the attention of fans and players alike, including Gorgc, who reached out to Puppey. Apparently, he stayed up for more than 24 hours to fix his sleep schedule, and like a true Dota 2 fiend, played all of those matches in a row before crashing out cold.

Puppey and Secret certainly have their work cut out for them after such a poor start to the Dota 2 competitive season. Their next professional match wont be until the Dota 2 Spring Tour kicks off in a couple of months, and with rumors floating around that Resolut1on is a free agent, a roster shuffle could be on the cards.

But while fans can fault the teams gameplay, they cant fault the captains work ethic; the fact hes still grinding hard after all these years is a testament to that. Only time will tell whether it pays off, but history shows Puppey has a knack for bouncing back.

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