Old G fall short: Legendary lineup don’t make the cut in current Dota Pro Circuit

An unexpected outcome for the old guard.

It was an ordinary morning for OG Dota 2 fans. The Old G squad featuring Topson, n0tail, and Ceb was scheduled to play in the final rounds of the Western European Closed Qualifiers

Many expected them to go through without a struggle. Nothing went according to plan for Old G, however, and a series of upsets ended their season before it could even take off.

Old Gs first series was against Ooredoo Thunders (OT), a stack featuring high-ranked players from the region. Considering Old G had a habit of snowballing matches throughout the qualifiers, fans were rather surprised at how evenly matched the two teams were.

From the get-go, Old G failed to take off as Topson and Noone couldn’t find their footing in the game. OT executed a clear and studied plan in both matches, sending the roster filled with legends to the lower bracket. 

Old G had their backs against the wall in their second series as their final chance at making it to division two went through Monaspa, featuring household names like W1sh, Skylark, and SsaSpartan.

While fans expected Old G to wake up, it was more or less the same as before when their cores couldn’t find their way into the series. As Monaspa retained control throughout both matches, OG found themselves playing catch-up.


Though there was a slight glimmer of hope, Monaspa continued dominating the entirety of the map. This meant that OGs catch-up attempts were met with ganks that looked to crush any remaining hope they had.

These upsets mean that Old G members will need to pack their mouse and keyboards at least until the second DPC tour. Unless theyre looking to compete in third-party tournaments, they wont be able to compete in the first tour of the 2023 DPC and the team’s future is currently a mystery.

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