Olaf, Taliyah updates stand out among a dozen champion changes coming in League Patch 12.9

Two mid-scope updates lead the way in Patch 12.9's wave of champion updates.

Riot has unveiled a preview of League of Legends Patch 12.9, giving players a first look at which champions and items are receiving buffs and nerfs in the games next patch. Four champions will be buffed, while six others are on the table to receive nerfs. Hullbreaker, which is being quite heavily nerfed, is the only item receiving changes.

The position on Summoners Rift with the most changes coming to its champions is the jungle. Six of the 13 champions that are being buffed, nerfed, or adjusted in Patch 12.9, including Rengar, Nidalee, and Master Yi (all of whom are being nerfed), have seen playing time in the jungle in recent years.

According to Riots lead game balance designer on the Summoners Rift team, Matt Leung-Harrison, the “highlights” of Patch 12.9 are the changes coming to Olaf and Taliyah, both of whom have been played primarily in the jungle in recent years. Details surrounding Olaf and Taliyahs updates were revealed by Riot last month. 

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Two support champions, Braum and Thresh, are being buffed in the patch. They join Hecarim and Varus as the only champions on the League roster scheduled to see a direct increase to their power in Patch 12.9. More details regarding these buffs and the nerfs should be expected tomorrowRiot traditionally drops a numerically focused detailed preview for each League patch.

League of Legends Patch 12.9 is scheduled to release on May 11, according to the games official patch schedule. The Mid-Season Invitational, which begins on May 10, will be played on the games current patch, Patch 12.8. 

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