OG to reportedly field second Dota 2 roster with an old theme and at least one TI winner

Old but gold at least fits the idea.

Once you reach the peak of a competitive scene, there is an expectation placed on you by fans that never truly goes awayeven if you step away from the scene. That applies doubly to teams with a fan base as large as OGs Dota 2 division, which might continue part of its story from the two-time TI-winning days with a new roster. 

While its current focus sits with the newer roster it picked up at the start of the 2022 Dota Pro Circuit, a secondary lineup has been leaked that includes two instantly recognizable names to longtime Dota fansTopson and Noone. 

Screengrab via Valve

Neither of these players has been away from the game for long periods, with Topson having come back from an extended break to join T1 for a failed run in the TI11 qualifiers and Noone playing on and off for a Natus Vincere roster that didnt really get anywhere. Now, the two will join forces as the core duo for a new lineup going by Old G, which is supposed to be a more loose yet competitive approach to a secondary roster from OG. 

While his name wasnt on the initial leak from the official Dota 2 registration page, reports have this lineup being led by none other than n0tail in what will be his own competitive return. And, where n0tail goes, Ceb and some other classics might not be too far behindthough there havent been any signs of who else might be joining just yet. 

As if things couldnt line up even more perfectly for this to be true, in an October interview with Dot Esports, n0tail underlined the fact that he would be ready to play whenever he needed to as a possibility of an old but gold run was still in the books for OGs founder. That statement plus the fact this Old G roster could be a play on the former Old but Gold CIS stack would make this truly full circle. 

The main OG roster still has one spot to fill after parting ways with ATF, who just recently signed with Nigma, as it looks to build off of a strong first year. 

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Meanwhile, this secondary roster looks to be the exact opposite of the old OG.Seed lineup that focused on growing young talent and will instead allow some proven hands to show that they still have a few cards up their sleeves. Expect more details and content out of Old G if and when OG properly confirms the lineupwhich should happen before end-of-day on Dec. 9 due to the roster lock for 2023s Winter DPC Tour.

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